Garment Care

Caring for your garments well prolongs its longevity, and is also friendly for the environment and your pocket. Here are some key tips to help you keep them happy after every wash.  

Wash Right
We always encourage a light handwash, or setting your machine to a gentle short cycle. It also helps if you invert your garment and place it inside a net bag before going into the machine.

If you would like more details for more specific product care, please visit the individual product page on our website.

Wash Less
The washing process is known to be tough on clothes, so just pause for a moment to see if this garment really needs to be washed? You probably don’t need to wash it after wearing it lightly once. Let's go easy on the laundry loads, be good to the Earth and see if you can extend its wear.

Cold is Gold
Always wash on cold. Your clothes will be just as clean, and the threads will stay strong which will help to preserve the lifespan of your garments. Hot water wears out your fabrics much more quickly. So reserve the hot water for soiled loads and wash everything else in cold. 

Dry the Natural Way
Dryers will break down the fibres of the fabric due to abrasion and cause the garment to shrink and age prematurely. Avoid tumble drying, and line dry your garments instead. Turn your garments inside out to reduce fading, hang shirts from the hem, and bottoms from the waistband to limit wrinkles which will facilitate the ease of ironing.

Iron with Care
When ironing your garments, the heat causes the fabric fibres to loosen as you are pressing them flat. Exposing them to too much heat can completely ruin them. We always recommend steaming, or ironing with a pressing cloth between the fabric and iron to reduce the harm.