Our Fabrics

As a label that's constantly evolving, our studio practices place value on the environment and the people around us. Our fabrics are sourced and handpicked personally based on their durability and environmental footprint. Learn more about our low-impact, eco-friendly fabric choices that make up the WS pieces you'll love and wear, time after time.

OEKO-TEX® Certified 100% Linen
Gentle on your skin and health, OEKO-TEX certified linen is tested to be free from harmful substances. Using fibres extracted from the flax plant, this process uses less water as rainwater is sufficient for the growth of these crops.

Tencel Lyocell
Dubbed as one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world, Tencel Lyocell is a natural renewable source with an incredibly soft hand feel. The production process is closed loop, and uses less energy and water. 

Organic Cotton
Grown without the use of pesticides, organic cotton ensures that your skin is free from nasty chemicals. Its production also sustains the health of soils, environment, and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs.

Being a by-product of cotton, cupro provides an alternative solution to fibers that would otherwise be discarded. Produced in a closed loop process, the fabric is also 100% biodegradable.